Let’s Get You Started

Here are some sample documents available for free to get you started. Click to download and save the file. You can then complete it with your own information. Thoroughly check for spelling errors, even line spacing and consistency with the formatting. Save your resumé and then you are ready to attach it to your interested position along with a covering letter, if desired. Scroll down further for our latest news articles and some useful links.

Resumé Pointers 

  • Be honest with the contents
  • Be precise with your work dates
  • Always move the qualifications required for the position that you acquire to the top of your skills & qualifications sections
  • Be sure your spelling and punctuation is correct
  • Be sure all your particulars within your CV are current e.g. your work dates, your phone number, your name, your address and so on
  • Be individual as possible when putting together any sentences
  • If you are unsure how to put together your CV there are many sites available that can assist you. You can also download our free templates  by clicking on the links provided.

Resumé Sample 1

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Resumé Sample 2

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Cover Letter Pointers 

  • Your introduction letter is often the first step in gaining the employers attention in you. Its important to stand out from the crowd by being professional with your introduction letter yet confident you are the best person for the position
  • Always reference the position reference number (if there is one), title and date advertised on Seeking Seniors website
  • Be honest with the contents
  • Be precise when you can begin work and that you are willing
  • Be sure your spelling and punctuation is correct
  • Be individual when writing your introduction letter
  • If you are unsure what to write look for assistance in writing your introduction letter there are many sites available that can assist you including our sample introduction letter which you can download here. 

Cover Letter 1

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Cover Letter 2

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Your Interview

  • Before you attend the interview always have a little knowledge of the company. This can often be obtained via the internet company’s website.
  • Study the actual job advert from the Seeking Seniors website, print off your own copy of the position advert, your CV and covering letter which you should take with you to the interview in a neat folder or an attaché.
  • Your appearance is important, neat, clean and tidy, fresh and confident but not chatty. Sit up straight, don’t chew gum nor fidget. Do not be late. Talk clearly.
  • Turn off your mobile phone and keep your phone out of sight.
  • Listen to what the interviewer is saying, answer when the interviewer has finished talking.
  • Be sure you are familiar with the job role and what you have expressed in your covering letter and CV.
  • Have your answer ready why you left your last job position.
  • Be confident in being the right person for the position.
  • Have your referees name and contact numbers on hand along with copies of any other information the interviewer may require, from your qualifications, certificates of courses completed, your driver’s licence, police clearance if requested.

Latest Articles

Jobactive – Restart

Jobactive – Restart

Restart is a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) to encourage businesses to hire and retain mature age employees who are 50 years of age and over. Payments are made by employment services providers to businesses over six months. Employers can...

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Ask Yourself: Are You Fulfilled in Your Job?

Ask Yourself: Are You Fulfilled in Your Job?

If the answer is no, perhaps it's time for a change. A new direction in your career can not only be rewarding it can lead to a better, healthier and happier work/life balance. The following Tips may assist you in your search; It's important to keep your CV up to date,...

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Writing Your Resumé

Writing Your Resumé

It is important to have a good understanding of how to write your Resumé. and Cover Letter.  We have provided the following information to help with your preparation. Resumé Pointers Be honest with the contents Be precise with your work dates Always move the...

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Useful Links

If you are a senior wanting to earn a wage and are unsure about any tax or pension implications you may incur the following links will provide you with the relevant information.

It is always advisable to have the knowledge of any financial or other implications before earning extra income.

Seniors & Pensioners Tax Offset

Work Bonus – How You Can Earn Income Without Reducing Your Pension

Austudy – Financial Assistance for Study For Over 24s

If attending courses is not favourable or accessible to you then why not consider studying a degree online. The Govt. study allowance is applicable for approved students.

Study Allowances

Government Allowances For Students

Government Funded Courses – Gain More Skills and Get Assitance From the Government

Centrelink Approved Courses – Course Fees Subsidised or May Be Fully Covered


Restart Program – Receive up to $10k incentive for hiring a mature age worker

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