If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time for a change. A new direction in your career can not only be rewarding it can lead to a better, healthier and happier work/life balance.

The following Tips may assist you in your search;

It’s important to keep your CV up to date, regardless of your current job role. A chance meeting or opportunity may be in front of you, with your CV being current and on hand, this could put you ahead of the rest. Demonstrates your efficiency and willingness in seeking the position.

At an interview, if you are/were unhappy in your job or with an employer a few examples of how to express your reason for leaving could be; “You are looking to step up into the next phase of your career”, or “you feel your experience at the current company is not enabling you to reach your full potential, that you are looking for a position such as this within your company to further utilise your skills”. Express your gratitude for the experience you gained at your current/previous employer.

Try not to express your unhappiness in a current/previous position should this be the case. As this could be taken as disrespectful and you may appear as a disgruntled employee.

Ask the employer why the previous person left the position? and where they see the role heading or expanding in the future? You may also discuss positive additional skills you can offer within reason for the job being offered. These questions will assist you in your own mind if you will be a good fit in the position if the wage is fair for what will be expected of you.

If you are unsure about which job role suits your skill base or which sector you would be best suited, there are skilled career advice professionals at most recruitment companies. If you make an appointment with a career guidance officer before you look for a new job role, this would prepare you with the current and latest skill base that is required from you. Could also open your mind to job roles you never thought possible.

If you are asked what wage are you looking at, do your homework before answering, you should have an idea before going to an interview. Ask others you know in a similar or same role with a similar company. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer what wage they are expecting to pay for an employee with your experience and skills. You also need to be able to financially survive on the wage that is offered, practicality and affordability are essential when making a decision about your employment.

Be confident in the references you provide, that they know your capability, are impartial, professional and give a fair encouraging reference of your time working with them. If you are confident you have been selected you may email or phone your reference to check that they are still able and wanting to give you a reference. Don’t be afraid to request a written signed reference from a previous or current employer as this gives an excellent indication of your ability at the time you were employed with the company.

Before accepting the new position be sure it is logistically suitable and that you are quite sure you will be able to do the job, that there is adequate training for the job and that you feel comfortable with your future employer.

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